Kiwi Syslog Generator 2.1

Kiwi Syslog Generator 2.1: A Free Syslog Message Generator for Windows A Free Windows Syslog message generator which sends Unix type Syslog messages created from the GUI to any PC or Unix Syslog Daemon. Excellent for testing your Kiwi Syslog Daemon or other Syslog Daemon setup and diagnose communication problems. Supports TCP syslog messages for emulating PIX firewall messages.

Clicks Counter: Download Counter 3.5: Keep track of all hits and clicks on any links of your Web pages. Click counter.
Clicks Counter: Download Counter 3.5

Clicks Counter is a program that will keep track of all hits and clicks on any links of your Web pages. It can be used on any amount of pages simultaneously, includes an online viewer, to view the log fie online. Password changeable for viewer. It will run on NT or Unix and requires minimal setup. You can use it as download counter, too. It now supports IIS and PWS. Logs data to simple textual database. FREE installation and support included.

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Network File Sharing and Disk Sharing 6.0: Network File and Disk sharing between Unix and Windows systems
Network File Sharing and Disk Sharing 6.0

UNIX workstations, PCs, or other NFS-based clients. If you have a Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/XP Pro and you need to share files with UNIX or other non-Windows clients, The award-winning DiskShare is the answer. It allows UNIX users network-based access to Windows server files. DiskShare allows you to protect your existing hardware, software, and data investments, therefore reducing support costs, system costs, and implementation time. DiskShare

disk sharing, windows, network file sharing, linux file share, unix file share

Spreadsheet Calculator (SCalc) for UNIX 1.0: SCalc is a simple spread sheet program.
Spreadsheet Calculator (SCalc) for UNIX 1.0

SCalc is a simple spread sheet program. The user interface applies the UNIX curses library for control of a terminal screen in text mode. This program was developed using the GNU C++ compiler and related tools.

spread, unix, curses, sheet

BareTail 3.50a: A free real-time log file monitoring tool
BareTail 3.50a

A free real-time log file monitoring tool: * Real-time file viewing * Follow tail mode (like tail -f on Unix) * View files of any size (> 2GB) * Scroll to any point in the file instantly * Configurable highlighting * Monitor multiple files simultaneously * Visual indication of file status/changes * International character sets (Unicode and UTF-8) * Many file formats (Win32, Unix, Microsoft IIS logs) * Flexible configuration options and storage

follow, baretail, windows, file, win32, free, viewer, tail, real time, highlight

Mocha X Server 2.0: Mocha X Server is a simple to use PC X11 server
Mocha X Server 2.0

Mocha X Server lets you connect quickly and easily to X11 Window applications running on UNIX and Linux platforms. The UNIX application run on the remote server, but the application output appears in a window on the PC, and looks as any other local Microsoft Windows program. This makes for an integrated world, where you can have mix of local and remote programs on the same desktop.

xserver, telnet, xfree, x server, server

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MYTUI is a TUI widget library based on curses. It is written in C and provides many ready-to-use widgets for rapid application development of text user interfaces. It is mainly delivered to develop UNIX-based applications. MYTUI also provides a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) development tool: ©wdesigner. It is the most complete RAD tool to develop text-based UI applications under UNIX/LINUX environments.

listbox, widgets, rad tool, unix, curses, scroll window pulldown menu, linux, datagrid

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